Terms & Conditions :

1.The required documents provided by partners shall be verified and approved by BIGFIX HO.

2.On Approval by Bigfix HO, the partner shall be provided with a link to download Bigfix EXprs APP along with the necessary credentials to access the application

3.All leads will be assigned only through APP provided.

4.The trial license is valid for 30 days from the date of app activation.

5.Online training on how to use the Bigfix EXprs app shall be provide by Bigfix HO.

6.The trial license shall be converted to professional license based on the following.
a. Payment of one-time signup fee of Rs. 10,000/- .
b. Reverification of all company/ individual KYC documents.
c. Submission of TSSC certificate.
d. Star rating/ Customer review during the trial period.
e. Audit of the facility by a Bigfix representative.

7.The signup fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

8.This agreement is valid for one year from the date of operations.

9.To keep continuous lead allocation please monitor the BIG CASH on your dashboard.

10.Lead charges of Rs. 50 will be deducted from Big Cash credits for each corresponding invoice generated.

11.All the leads assigned by BIGFIX HO will have to be materialized without fail. In case of order cancellation, the partner is liable to explain Bigfix.

12.It is mandatory to obtain the customer rating of the service quality for every lead.

13.Rate of flow of business will depend on order execution, start ratings & customer feedback accumulated.

14.We advise the technicians to dress professionally and carry their ID card for on-field calls. BIGFIX T-Shirt & cap can be provided on request.

15.It is mandatory for the partner to use genuine spare-parts procured from Bigfix Ecare units in your region.

16.BIGFIX APP is to be used for lead acquisition, Job sheet registry, and Invoice.

17.Exprs counter is solely responsible and liable for all customer devices in their possession.

18.Any dispute between the customer whilst handling the assigned repair order will have to be mutually resolved.

19.Bigfix HO will oversee and arbitrate whenever necessary.

20.The contract will be cancelled, if the partner indulges in any fraudulent activity.

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